Buying a New Vehicle Has Never Been Easier

Buying a New Vehicle Has Never Been Easier

Get Pre-Approved at a Local Credit Union Before You Shop .

 After your auto loan is approved, participating Credit Unions will send you a "text" invitation to download the Premium version of FastPass app.  Within the App is your personalized Loan Approval Certificate to present at your local auto dealership as proof of funds.  For Premium users, enjoy one click access to your personal Auto Industry Professional who will save you time, money bypassing the standard sales processes.  FastPass provides easy access to research information,vehicle location, negotiate pricing, trade-in values and more.  

Buying a New Vehicle Has Never Been Easier.

Get pre-approved for an auto loan from a local "nonprofit" Credit Union. 

Your Money Is In Your App


Get pre-qualified at a participating Credit Union and receive a text with secure access to Premium FastPass mobile app.  The app provides you with proof of your loan, and links you to your credit union sponsored personal FastPass Auto Advisor.

Fast and Easy Buying Experience


FastPass enhances auto buyers experience by providing critical insights while sharing valuable access to inside contacts who will make your purchase journey fast and easy.  Never waste the entire day buying a car again.

Mobile Access to Information


 Seriously, do not stop into a dealership unprepared.  1. get pre-approved 2. research 3. prepare questions 4. ask your auto expert, text, email or phone within your app. 5. begin shopping, enter dealerships with confidence. 

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